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Peers dropping off...


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Good morning,

I have uTorrent 1.7.7 installed and am running into a small problem with peers.

When I fire up uTorrent it will find all of the peers, lets say between 50 & 100. So it might look like this (my current 3 downloads) 36(1772), 15(360) & 18(495). Within the next hour or so, I will drop to 0 or 1 peer.

If I close uTorrent and reopen it, it will jump back up to the limits it was at before...then after an hour or so, it will drop again.

It was doing the same thing with 1.7.5 and I thought that upgrading might fix it...not so much.

Any ideas?

Thanks a million


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:/ Yeah follow Ultima's How-To. Sounds like ISP mangling, so the first thing after reading through it would be to change the Encryption setting under Ctrl-P -> BitTorrent to Forced. You may even have to disallow legacy connections to see them last longer. To affect the change you don't need to restart uT, but you should stop the torrent and then start it again. That will cause peers you already know about to re-establish connection with you. If you check the Peers tab, you should see "E" now for all peers instead of "e" under Flags column.

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Shaw Cable may be dropping BitTorrent connections on purpose...and doing it slowly enough to make you think nothing's happening at first.

Are you seeing lots of connection reset by peer messages in uTorrent's logger?

What settings are you using?

Especially important is if you're firewalled according to uTorrent AND your half open setting in uTorrent!

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