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Strange goings on !

Roger Waters

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Further to my post earlier today;

I have been monitoring my Utorrent downloads all day here.

I have 2 on the go.

All is set up ok, Port Fwding with Green ticks etc.

But every so often for no reason i lose my Green Tick for a Yellow Triangle.

Once i got the RED circle !

It does this without me touching anything.

My torrents slow or keep going as they were dispite the Yellow Triangle.

I close Utorrent and open it again.

It takes a while to get the Green Tick back but eventualy it comes.

Sometimes i cannot get connected though.

Opening and closing uT till i get connected seems to work.

Any ideas as to what is going on here ?



Netgear DG834g & Windows XP & uTorrent 1.6

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