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Autoload not working?


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I'm using uTorrent 1.7.7 build 8179. This is installed on a fresh (today) install of WinXP.

I've set up autoload folders, called In, Out, and Working. Torrents go in the 'In' folder, are stored in 'Working' while downloaded, and are moved to 'Out' when done.

In the preferences>other section, all the boxes for autoload folders are checked and assigned to these folders.

Dropping a torrent into the 'In' folder doesn't cause it to be loaded. Manually adding a torrent works, of course, and shows up in the 'Working' folder, but without the .loaded extension that I'm used to seeing. A manually added torrent also seems to move to the 'Out' folder when done.

I've tried changing the number of torrents running at any one time, changing the setting in bandwidth and number of active torrents, putting the folders on different drives, changing the names of the files in case something is too long, and re-applying the settings in uTorrent. Nothing seems to make the autoload work.

Is there something I'm overlooking? I remember getting this to work in an earlier version of uTorrent using a similar setup, but I don't remember everything I did.


Eh, nevermind...

On a whim, I just decided to uncheck "Always show dialog on manual add," because I was manually adding torrents that were sitting in the 'In' folder - I didn't want to confirm each one becuase downloads always go to the same drive. uTorrent started autoloading all the torrents as soon as this box was unchecked.

Would this be a bug?

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