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I can't download anything.


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Some time ago, my torrents magically stopped functioning. They had worked perfectly before.

The weird thing is, today, I tried Azureus and it worked fine.

All I do is download some stuff and see the amount of nodes I have increase.

I've already forwarded my Modem, but it always shows yellow on the bottom.

and my net.max.halfopen is 40 (already patched file)

Download speed: 6 Mb/s

Upload: 768 Kb/s


Router: D Link WBR 2310

OS: Windows XP Media Center

Windows Firewall/Avast Antivirus

Speed guide: Port=53535, Upload= 61KB/s Download=unlimited

Port checker says my port is closed (Used to say open)

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If it says closed it's possible some setting was reset. Did you verify the forwarding rule on your router? Is that connected directly to your phone line or do you have a modem in-between? Are you running any security software or software which filters your internet packets? If so, you may need to delete and re-add the rules for uT. Be sure your PORT is forwarding to your IP (start->run->cmd->ipconfig).

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