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All my completed files were renamed.


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I moved my pc and forgot to plug in my external HD when I turned it back on.

uTorrent loaded all of the .torrent files but couldn't find any of the data, so I plugged the external back in once I realized why. Unfortunately utorrent started trying to hashcheck the 100-200 GB of data that I was seeding, and I wasn't going to let it continue and try and check all that data, so I stopped and removed all the open torrents.

Now I have a lot of files which are complete but are unusable with .!ut at the end.

Anybody know of a good 3rd-party app which could batch-rename all my files in a quick?

Either that or an option in utorrent to do it (I still have most if not all the .torrent files for all my data)?

Thanks in advance.

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They are complete, they are not allocated.

They got appended because utorrent was loaded without the data, but then got shown the data afterwards, and I guess under those circumstances it wants to know the data it's sharing isn't corrupt (or something).

Thanks for the advice, I'll look into the guides and tools :)

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