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I need help forwarding ports ...please.


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uTorrent was working just fine until 2 days ago.

it started to show me that little yellow triangle at the bottom

and when I checked the speed guide to see if the port was forwarded properly

it said it wasn't open...

I use McAfee firewall, I already went to the firewall settings and open the port I use for uTorrent, also added uTorrent's IP to a trusted one...but it stills shows that yellow triangle.

I only have a modem, I'm confused with what a router is.

I also reset the modem

and and uh format the computer but nothing.

please help.

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If it previously showed a green check and changed to yellow, it is possible your ISP blocked that port or is currently filtering / shaping your traffic / actively blocking communication with peers. If you only have the one device connected to your computers, does it have multiple "OUT" ports? or is it just 1 in 1 out? If you go start->run->cmd->ipconfig, is your IP address "192.x.x.x" where x is any number between 1 and 255? You may have to change your port to verify whether or not the ISP has started shaping all torrent traffic. Have you noticed your speeds lessen in ADDITION to not connecting to as many peers as before?

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