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"Disconnect: Peer error: Error 10022"


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While trying to find out why my seeding client does not upload properly (a few MBytes in one night with a gigabit connection and enough demand, encryption is enabled) I noticed a strange behaviour with another client in my local network.

This client connects normally, receives data with good speed and disconnects after just a few seconds. µtorrent shows "Disconnect: Peer error: Error 10022" at the end.

Please tell me what this means and how to solve the problem.

Other clients often send "Got Cancel Unrequested: XXX:XXXXXX->XXXXX" and I also see many "Got Bad Have XXXX" (from my local client).

Full log:

[08:47:23] : [libTorrent/]: Handshake completed

[08:47:23] : [libTorrent/]: Send Have 776

[08:47:23] : [libTorrent/]: Send Have 2091

[08:47:23] : [libTorrent/]: Send Have 294

[08:47:23] : [libTorrent/]: Send Have 1137

[08:47:23] : [libTorrent/]: Send Have 2007

[08:47:23] : [libTorrent/]: Send Have 100

[08:47:23] : [libTorrent/]: Send Have 1667

[08:47:23] : [libTorrent/]: Send Have 625

[08:47:23] : [libTorrent/]: Send Have 1318

[08:47:23] : [libTorrent/]: Send Have 229

[08:47:23] : [libTorrent/]: Send Have 689

[08:47:23] : [libTorrent/]: Send Have 1151

[08:47:23] : [libTorrent/]: Send Have 1627

[08:47:23] : [libTorrent/]: Send Have 1606

[08:47:23] : [libTorrent/]: Send Have 1433

[08:47:23] : [libTorrent/]: Send Have 1165

[08:47:23] : [libTorrent/]: Send Have 510

[08:47:23] : [libTorrent/]: Send Have 179

[08:47:23] : [libTorrent/]: Send Have 1853

[08:47:23] : [libTorrent/]: Send Have 2536

[08:47:23] : [libTorrent/]: Send Have 1807

[08:47:23] : [libTorrent/]: Send Have 268

[08:47:23] : [libTorrent/]: Send Have 67

[08:47:23] : [libTorrent/]: Send Have 756

[08:47:23] : [libTorrent 0.11.9]: Sending 5 bytes of aggregated data

[08:47:24] : [libTorrent 0.11.9]: Got Have 485

[08:47:24] : [libTorrent 0.11.9]: Got Have 486

[08:47:24] : [libTorrent 0.11.9]: Got Have 487

[08:47:24] : [libTorrent 0.11.9]: Got Have 488

[08:47:24] : [libTorrent 0.11.9]: Got Have 489

[08:47:24] : [libTorrent 0.11.9]: Got Have 490

[08:47:24] : [libTorrent 0.11.9]: Got Have 491

[08:47:25] : [libTorrent 0.11.9]: Got Have 492

[08:47:25] : [libTorrent 0.11.9]: Got Have 493

[08:47:25] : [libTorrent 0.11.9]: Got Have 494

[08:47:25] : [libTorrent 0.11.9]: Got Have 495

[08:47:25] : [libTorrent 0.11.9]: Got Have 496

[08:47:25] : [libTorrent 0.11.9]: Got Have 497

[08:47:25] : [libTorrent 0.11.9]: Got Have 498

[08:47:26] : [libTorrent 0.11.9]: Got Have 499

[08:47:26] : [libTorrent 0.11.9]: Disconnect: Peer error: Error 10022



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According to http://www.anzio.com/support/kb/Anzio_kb/Firewalls%20and%20winsock%20error%2010022.htm and other searches it looks like a firewall is mucking with packets. That logfile just shows you advertising pieces, and receiving piece haves from others. your client connected to a peer running libtorrent, sent it piece haves (i've got this do you want any), and GOT haves from it (i've got these do you want any). It appears you found your culprit. I'd example 1) the setup of that computer for software which mucks with internet packets and 2) the POP of your line to see whether or not there is a miscommunication there.

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Thanks for your answer!

Why would libtorrent offer pieces to a seed?

How did I found my culprit? I am confused.

Both computers do not have any software that alters network traffic. Using tcpdump I just noticed wrong TCP checksums, which may be caused by the network card driver (good Intel card, e1000).

What is "the POP of my line"? I am German, please use common terms :)

PS: Both systems use Linux, I don't have any Windows machine here.



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AH, sorry. K, if this is all LAN traffic, are you using ipfilter/iptables to restrict access? :/ I don't know what else would be mangling packets.

Before when I was talking about POP, it's acronym for "point of presence"... basically where your ISP turns into your LAN. Your point-of-entry to the internet if you will. I hope that's a better explanation :D

You know that 137.x.x.x isn't a LAN IP. Is that your WAN (Internet) IP?

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The problem with error 10022 occurs inside the LAN, yes. The thing you call POP would be a router in my case, but that machine is not involved in the traffic between the two nodes (but the tracker is outside, piratebay!). My ISP is my university, which has several other networks and routers between my "POP" and the "real" internet (starting outside of the university by my definition).

I do not restrict traffic at all, that includes iptables.

The IP mentioned above is routable from the internet, but of course also used in my LAN (which is, so 1024 "internet" IPs). Both machines I used are in the same subnet, so traffic flows without any router/firewall/POP/...



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I'm encountering this error in much the same way as C-Otto has experienced. This occurs on uTorrent 1.7.7 running through wine on my linux box (all appropriate ports opened in iptables). Usually a peer connects, downloads a couple of MB's, and then suddently disconnects with Peer error 10022 according to the log. The system is on a 100/100 connection, and this mostly happens when other fast peers attempt to connect to me. Is there anything I can check to make sure that my system isn't the culprit?

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I dunno if you have already solved the problem, but it's a bug in wine. It makes utorrent drop peer shortly after it got connected if the peer is downloading at speed more than about 0.8MB/sec. This bug exists in wine versions from version 0.9.40 to 1.1.5. Every version below/or above has no this bug.

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