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I need help real bad...


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Ok I am getting a headache from all this torrent business and internet researching. Charter flat out sucks because I can't even watch my tv and be online at the same time because it might be a faulty line! Sigh...

Anyways guys heres the deal... if you guys/gals can help me that would be great!

I'm using my desktop at home to download. I think its a 2.5ghz Intel Celeron with 1gb of ram and a 200gb HDD...

My internet connection is the 10mbit download line... I test my speed and I get about around 9-10mbit so I'm happy. The first night I was downloading on utorrent with some torrents going at 1mb/s...now they all go down to under 100 kb/s.

I really don't know what to do. There is so much potential with my 500gb external and my 200gb internal harddrive and a 10mbit line....ahhhhh

I suck at portfowarding...I turned off my windows xp firewall with sp2...I upload faster than I download! I dont get it at all... I also have norton internet security, but that never used to affect the speed at all....

Thanks in advance!

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You may be on a shaped line, or added to shaping profiles, or shaped due to your port. . . What procedures have you followed to try and isolate the root cause?

For a shaped line: can you still download HTTP traffic @ 10 Mbit? does an OpenOffice download still suffer 1Mbit download "cap"?

For a shaped profile: does the speed increase back up to 10 Mbit at night? do you notice a relatively horizontal "line" for downloads in the Speed tab when stretching it to 5 minute intervals?

For a shaped port: Try forwarding/changing your port rules in the router/modem/firewall AND uT. If you immediately notice speeds increasing, either set your uT to use UPnP + random port on startup OR forward a whole range of 10 ports to your LAN IP. Then just change it depending upon the day of the week.

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i dont know what a shaped line is but http traffic is fast...i dont really know much about changing the ports on my router and stuff it just gets confusing...

i used the d link suggestion on how to make bittorent work with the router, but that just decreases the speed.

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