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Speed problem, ready to give up


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Hi, sorry you probably had these questions a million times but i am new to this so please bear with me.

I have a new PC as of last week running Vista

I am also now on ADSL 8meg broadband through a modem/router Edimax AR-7084gA.

I have created a static IP address and forwarded the port 6881 as per the instructions from "portforward.com"

I have allowed Utorrent through windows firewall and also tried it completely disabled, the same with Mcafee firewall.

I have unchecked the Upn box etc

I have downloaded latest Utorrent client, installed it.

When trying a torrent download i get the green status ok sign.

I have checked the ports are forwarded using the utorrent port checker and they are and allowing incoming connections.

I have done a speed check and the results are 638 kbps down

332 kbps up

So....... any ideas why i get no more than 12kbps download speed ? and usually more like 3 kbps !!

My old connection using the same Internet provider on my old modem still 8meg was lightening fast.

Anymore info required and i will try my best but i am at a loss at the moment.

Your help would be greatly apreciated


Forgot to add, i tried Ares i get 60odd kbps


Had a line test done today and i am getting 4 meg.

Any ideas pretty pleeease !!!

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Thanks Ultima,

Dowloading the OpenOffice test torrent gave me 95kbps max download speed but average about 40-50kbps thats with speed set to 256k.

40-50kbps is a big improvement but still slow i think ?

What do i do with the file i have downloaded ?

Thanks again.

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Thanks Jewelish, i realise what the file is now lol "feels stoopid"

I have tried another speed test and since doing a little tweaking i am getting 3mb results from what is supposed to be an 8mb connection, is this reasonable ?

previous tests were 600kb ish so its huge improvement for whatever reason.

I am currently downloading a well seeded torrent and getting 60 odd kbps, how does that sound ?

Obviously better than the 12kbps i was getting ! but still seems slower than my speed on my old modem with the same 8mb connection.

Thanks for your replies

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Thanks Switeck,

so you think i have everything set up and should stick with it to see if it improves ? worth getting in touch with my IP again to see what sort of line i am on and if any work is being done etc ?


After mucho tweaking, tried a download this morning and getting over 300kbps now peaked up to now at 367 so happy days !!

Not sure which tweak has sorted it mind you but all the advice on these forums and in the FAQ's has obviously done the job.

Thanks all

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