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ut causing bsod on toshiba laptop w/xp & vista


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hello all! first time poster, long time utorrent user. best client ever. except that i've determined that it is the trigger to my bsod nightmares of late. i've been battling with this f#*% notebook since september when i bought it to use at college. it's a toshiba a200 th1 psae3c th108c. its specs can be found on the toshiba website, or i will list them there later. along with this laptop i purchased a dlink dir-625 wireless router which connects via a rogers portable internet modem. i know, i know...rogers throttles, portable internet is stupid. but it's convenient when i have to travel, which i'm doing more of since i moved a few hours from home. so it is what it is, now let's get down to the bigger problem.

when i open utorrent, download speeds are slow, but quickly fade to nothing and my computer quickly crashes. the fact that it's torrent downloading has only tonight become evident after browsing forums for a solution and iming while watching a movie. i assumed it was a problem with the realtek driver for my nic, so that's the problem i was trying to find a solution to, but when i got off track and tried to download some stuff with utorrent, i BSOD'd again and again and again until i decided to give up and come here to talk to the smart dudes who would know what to do about it.

so here's the deal. downloads quickly go from 20-80 kbps to 0 and at random times during that process my computer crashes.

the latest crash reported as such in the event properties viewer:

the computer has rebooted from a bugcheck. the bugcheck was:

0x1000000a (0x00000064, 0x00000002, 0x00000001, 0x8063684a)

i've saved the dump for anyone that wants to see it.

so what i'd like to know is, what info do i need to give for you guys to help?

i'd certainly appreciate any assistance. just let me know what i need to do.

thank you in advance!

long live uT!

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I don't know how much help a windows dump would be, but I do know turning off "automatically restart on crash" would help get the BSOD message which is infinitely more useful to the laypeople here. That can be found under the System Properties -> Advanced tab -> startup and recovery "settings" for XP. For Vista, I'd imagine it's behind four UAC dialogs :P

I'd like to ask a stupid question... since this is a new computer, have you tried updating your drivers? Most often with the significant access uT applies to the networking hardware many faulty/low-quality NIC drivers crash... so I'd start there first.

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