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New User (uTorrent 1.6.1 b 490) - Speed Issues - Please help


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I have gone through a # of posts but couldn't really follow things and will be very grateful if someone can help me to improve the download. At the moment the uploads are excellent but I would also like to be on the receiving end :).

Below is all information (that comes to mind) and which you may find useful in order to help me. Please let me know if you would like some more information so that I can really optimize the download speed:

- I have a 2 MB link

- On the average both download and upload are approx. 19 K (sometimes the upload goes up to 24 K)

- DHT is disabled

- Have disabled randomizing of ports and am using port 14022

- UPnp port Mappring is enabled

- Global upload rate is set to 0 (unlimited).

- Question: Is the download linked with the upload rate? Can I set the upload rate to say 5 or 7 and get an improvement on my download rate?

- Global # of connections = 1000

- Maximum # of connected peers per torrent = 125

- Number of uploaded slots per torrent = 50

- In the "Additional BitTorrent Features" except for DHT, the remaining 3 options are enabled

- Outgoing protocol encryption is disabled and "Allow incoming legacy connections" is enabled

- Queuing Section: Max. # of active torrents and Max. # of active downloads both are set to 25

I hope the above information will provide enough details for you to help me (please please please please).

I wish there was some way I could attach images of various screens so that I could have easily conveyed all of the above important :(

Thank you and eagerly awaiting some help.

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Ask the tracker which told you to use that version to offer support. Given the recent press of the security updates from 1.7.5 and 1.7.6 lately I'd hope it would be widespread enough that people would like to upgrade to keep themselves secure.

Older versions aren't supported, by staff so you'd get helper responses at best, nothing at worst until you upgrade.

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Hi torrero,

Thank you for your reply and help. I have set it to xx/192k and have also enabled protocol encryption.

Yes, the network icon is green.

Are the rest of my settings okay? How about the port. Should I change that? Are some ports faster than others?

Thanks and I will again appreciate your assistance.


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Thanks jewelisheaven. Will do so. One last question. I currently have about 7 torrents being downloaded/uploaded. If I install 1.7.7, I hope I will not loose anything that is in the queue right now? I mean, when i install it, it will probably first remove the current installation and files and then install the new version and while doing so, I might loose the current queue. Hope you understand my concern and will appreciate your reply.


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