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RSS downloader makes my uTorrent crash


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Good day

First of all I'd like to thank the makers of this program it really is great :)

I'm currently trying to use RSS downloader for several (custom) rss feeds (all from 1 site). This all works quite well the problem however is that everytime it reaches its update (set to 5min) it is trying to load all feeds including those that have already been downloaded.

This makes uTorrent crash every so often. I've already tried ticking the smart ep. filter box but this doesnt solve the problem. It does stop downloading old torrents but it won't download new ones either.

Maybe this is a familiar problem or you have an solution for this.

If you need any further information give me a shout.

Thanks in advance

EDIT: I'm using uTorrent 1.7.7

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It aint the site though.

It's a music site (STmusic) and when I use 1 feed for all genres it seems to work fine but as soon as I split these feeds up in specific genres it pretty much goes bananas :P. It just want to download every single torrent from the feed. As soon as I delete an already downloaded torrent which is still in the feed it will just redownload it

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Err as you're describing that it's working as intended. There are two ways torrents will not re-download through RSS. 1) torrent says "previously downloaded" under status column. This happens in the event the torrent names match and/or INFOHASH matches and you see "torrent already loaded would you like to add the trackers" dialog when adding. 2) smart repack filter is checked and the file is not a repack but is alread downloaded (note I haven't tested this part of RSS thoroughly, I stopped mucking with my feeds when I found out mininova had &direct :P)

So, what problem with the site's "all genre" feed is keeping you from downloading all the torrents?

Does opening that exact feed url display correctly in a real browser? (ff, opera, google reader, or another rss feedreader)

Honestly I wouldn't know where else to begin with troubleshooting but I do know if you upload a dmp and wait for other input it may be a while :P Those dedicated staffers are overloaded 25/8 :D

If the feed doesn't include private data you can feel free to PM me the URL to see if I can reproduce the problem in my RSS :D

Those are my only ideas now, so I reserve the right for more intelligent responses later. However since I've been staring at my screen for hours, I hope you'll forgive such a succinct response, heh.

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