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Multiple Wireless Home network solution


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Ok! Here is my delima. Probably easy for some of you but I can't seem to find the solution. My home PC runs through the Linksys wireless network router to the high speed router and I have setup a port forward for it and it works...ok. Once setup, my laptop that I also use wireless when home will not connect through this router anymore. If I setup another port forward on my laptop, I don't believe I can still connect when traveling or when at my office? FYI. Running Vista on the home PC and XP on the laptop. SP is Sympatico (bad one) so I've setup encryption. Any suggestions?

Update: Ok I removed the port forward from the router. I installed Utorrent on my laptop. Did the speed tests and get an average 320 kb/s upload. Did a port forward test and I supposedly have one setup on this laptop at 54071. Download speeds average around 50 kb/s, up is 35 kb/s which I'm happy with. No encryption setup and no changes. What makes my old laptop work so much better than the new home PC? Can I make the home PC match?

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