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2 Computers, same router, same service (WAY Different speeds)


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I just moved this post from Troubleshooting now that I have it working on my laptop. Here is the issue:

My Home desktop and my laptop run through the Linksys wireless network router to the high speed router. I tested using the same Fort Forward # in each machine (one at time). Did the speed tests and get an average 320 kb/s upload. Did a port forward test and it works for both systems (54071). Download speeds on laptop average around 60 kb/s (peak at 100), up is 35 kb/s which I'm happy with. What makes my old laptop work so much better than the new home PC? Can I make the home PC match?

Here are my speed test results using the same settings for each computer. Router is Linksys WRT54GS v.2

Old Laptop using XP & Broadcom 802.11 Network Adapter- Speed tests

847 303

1542 283

2630 300

2584 312

New Desktop using Vista & Compact Wireless G USB Adapter- Same Settings

306 324

424 310

633 307

591 318

Desktop download speeds are definitley slower. Not sure what can be plugging it up. I tried to download approximatley the same file to each system one at a time. Average file was (46) 845 seeds and (17) 383 Peers.

Laptop download speeds averaged above 60 kb/s and peaked at over 100. Uploads averaged around 35 kb/s.

Desktop download speeds averaged below 10kb/s and peaked around 25. Uploads were fairly constant around 35 kb/s.

Gave each system about 25-30 minutes to reach capacity.

I have not setup a manual Port Forward in the router because both systems port forward at 54071.

Any help would be appreciated. If you need more info...hopefully I can answer. Not an expert here. Still learning.

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Ok! I downloaded from the laptop. (I'm hoping you meant to track the actual download speed) and it averaged over 100 kb/s and peaked at 267 kb/s.

I downloaded from the Desktop and it averaged 70 kb/s and peaked at 135 kb/s. Even this is ok!

So am I downloading bad torrents? Thats why I have this issue?

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Bad uTorrent settings can also depress regular torrent download and upload speeds.

Super-incredibly-over-seeded-with-fast-as-heck-seeds torrents like OpenOffice aren't affected as much by bad settings, so we use those to find out what download speeds a connection can reach.

...So, what settings are you using?

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