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Peer tab: sort peer completion percentage column feature requests


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2 requests:

1) an option in the uTorrent Preferences to show peer completion percentages as decimals instead of percentages out of 100%...

i.e. 100% as 1.000

98.5% as 0.985

10.5% as 0.105

1.1% as 0.011

0.5% as 0.005

0.0% as 0.000

etc. etc. etc.

2) an option to align the numbers in the peer completion column by the decimal point.

Just look at your peers tab right now and sort it by completion percentage. Everything is aligned left to right just like how the following appears:







I think it is a better idea to align the numbers with respect to the decimal so it appears more like this (I used the "_" character to align it properly here in the forum post...Im not asking that the character appear in the peer percentage column, its just for the forum post):







These features could also be applied to a host of different columns in the program, but the peer completion percentage is the most applicable since every row entry has a number as well as all the numbers being on the same scale.

By comparison:

Easily put: the same requests could be made for say...the "Down Speed" column in the "Peers" tab, but 1) not all the rows have an entry in that column and 2) the entries that do show up may not be on the same scale (as in the rare event that you get MB/s...this is a moot point if the column is predefined just to show speeds in kB/s).

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