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OK what happened today at around 01:28 in the morning


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I had uploads that was taken place one min and the next min everything was lost and showing error.

I tried everything including rebooting the computer! also why is my half open showing only 0 when it usally show 8? everyone that was uploading new torrent files from me i had on line lost out also! What gives! SO today i had to update to version 1.7.7 i hope that this is more stable other wise i may have to look else were for a reliable torrent program!

Ever since then isp losing host to your servers now! Ran anti virus, adware, and regcleaner and also winaso Didn't find anything on my end. Is this what we have to look forward to now that bit torrent is working with you!

Called isp and they told me and a few other it on your end what the deal!

Me and alot of others don't work on stuff for 5 hours to upload using your software to lose everything we made for people to enjoy. It may sound like i am a little mad and yes i am but i will get over it!

Fix the bugs!


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