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Connection via HTC MDA vario 2


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Hi all, sorry if I'm being a bit of a VDU about this but I'm pretty new to this all.

I'm using my T-Mobile Mda Vario 2 as a USB modem (via 3G connection) to connect to utorrent, I did get the GREEN tick initially when I started using it, however now all I get is either the YELLOW triangle or the RED circle.

The information displayed of problem is "Not Connectable" and a few words about my firewall blocking etc and no incoming connections etc.

However I am seeing download speeds in excess of 25kB/s and also similar upload speeds, this confuses me as clearly I do have incoming connections.

I did the portfoward test and I get an error saying it is not forwarded.

However I have turned off the firewall on the connection, and even disabled the "Service" within windows admin tools.

So I definately should not have anything stopping connections from my computer to the ISP (T-Mobilke 3G network).

I did the speed test and it came back at 780K.

I use port forwarding at home for my wireless network and that was very easy to set up, but I see no way of setting it up on my mobile phone.

I've looked into this and there appears to be SSH programs designed for the Pocket PC that allow you to set up port forwarding.

So can anyone help me out here? Should it be enough to just turn off all firewall intervention?

Am I getting this error due to T-mobile restricting my connection for bit torrents?

OR is this just a blip seeing as I'm getting the throughput of data that I mentioned above.

Again apologies for being a VDU.

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Certainly I can understand your confusion so perhaps TheShad0w's guide on the matter may help http://bt.degreez.net/firewalled.html

Additionally, you will likely NEVER get a green icon while connected to a wireless cellular network as they don't usually give out real internet IPs. You can verify this if you see the site http://canyouseeme.org spit out a 10.x.x.x or 172.x.x.x or 192.168.x.x IP address. ALSO speedtests are in Kbps and uT and Windows use KiBps, a difference of 8x. 768 Kbps means a theoretical maximum of 96 KiBps, of which you MAY hit a sustained 80 on a good swarm with alot of unblocked peers. Speaking of T-Mobile make SURE you aren't charged per-byte downloaded... it can come down to a HEFTY bill.

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