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uTorrent - some error with tracker


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I want to discribe an error which I found during bushing the Net.

I'm already have been registered on Polishtracker.org ( for me the best tracker, and I'm sure the fastest ) and I looked at my user profil, when I seeded one or two torrents - I don't remmember. The error is about authorization on tracker I think, 'cos it didn't show how many data was transfered ( I mean DL and UL ).

When I used Azureus ( v. ) I didn't have this kind of problems. It was data transfered on tracker during seeding.

I hope that you can fix those buggs, 'cos it really important.

Please ( if you're registered on polishtracker ), try to find this error, 'cos I don't know you have the same problem. Tnx :)

P.S : Sorry for my English, I'm too bad to write really good.

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I believe it's possible to copy the tracker error/message so you can paste it here or in Notepad. Anyway, when the error message shows up, right-click on there and click Copy. Then reply here and paste it over and we'll try to help you out on it.

Perhaps this thread ought to be moved to Troubleshooting? *signals Mods, Bat-signal style*

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