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"diskio.write_queue_size" missing


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I was trying to fix the disk overload problem so I looked it up here on the forums and found a possible solutions to it: raising the "diskio.write_queue_size" value in Advanced options to 8 times my max dl speed. Thing is I DON'T HAVE such a variable in there. Only "diskio" variables I see (and I checked that list 100000 times) are "diskio.coalesce_writes", "diskio.flush_files", "diskio.smart_hash", "diskio.sparse_files", "diskio.use_partfile".

Plus the only variable that has -1 as a value (the supposedly default value for "diskio.write_queue_size") is "dht.rate".

Umm.... suggestions?

Edit: I also got good download speeds (20 - 300 kBps) but 0 upload speed. And yes I'm connected to peers and no, I didn't limit upload to 0 (I got it limited to 35 kBps).

Thx in advance!

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