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Strange problem =S


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I have a connection of 1 MB

I have another program that downloads me like 120 kb/s

But in Utorrent the maximun it reachs is 20 kb/s and i dont know how

I try with a lot of torrent but with all pass th esame

I have like 10 torrents active dowload but in total it dowloas at 20 kb/s

Pliz i need help because i know i can reach much more!

Pliz help me


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If this other program is not using bittorrent protocol it is irrelevant.

Have you followed any steps from Ultima's How-To for troubleshooting? Test with http://distribution.openoffice.org/p2p/ to see if you can get > 100 KiBps with bittorrent traffic. You may need to change your Ctrl-P -> BitTorrent encryption settings to forced and disallow legacy connections to do so. Additionally you may need to cut back DRASTICALLY on your presence on the internet (turn off services mentioned in How-To post #2)... report back any progress and steps you have taken :D

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i understand a little... sorry for my english... i dont understand some words

here is my email guilleloko1@hotmail.com

I dont understand what i have to do with the open office :S

The other program is not bittorrent... is the Ares

but what i dont understand is why my Utorrent downloads very slow :S

I need the maximun Potencial

I download the open office and the downloads goes like (40kb/s....50kb/s)

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Sure, I understand english is difficult if it's not your 1st language ;)

So, what you should do is try using the setting Ctrl-G -> and select xx/128 from the drop down list. say "use selected settings".

Then, Ctrl-P -> BitTorrent and see "Protocol encryption", select "Forced" in the drop-down.

Try running the Openoffice for 1-3 minutes. Does it go more than 20 KiBps in uT?

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I understan alll what you said...

I do exactlyy all the steps

Now with this you said that i can reach de maximun potencially

Like 130 kb/s ?

Its continue with low speed :S

And what the difrerrence when in the arrow is bue or grey?

And some are dowloading but are inactive

I dont understand that

Maybe i have to change some congifuartion

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No im uploading like 15kb/s

I want to fix tgis problem i stil dont understanding why im dowloaidng very slow :S

i cant pass 20 kb/s with 13 torrents at the same time!!!

And other thing that i dont understand is why are some torrents inactive and other active

Some inactives downloading and some actives dont dowloading hehe

i dont understand that but i want to fix first the speed

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Like I said, it's not uncommon to NOT be downloading much faster than you're uploading.

Since you're not even uploading at 20 KiloBYTES/sec, then you're not likely to exceed double that.

Your upload is someone else's download...and vice versa!

And you cannot download faster than everyone else is uploading to you.

With average upload speeds of LESS than 30 KiloBYTES/sec for most people using BitTorrent, then it makes sense that most people won't exceed 30 KiloBYTES/sec download speed.

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Your ISP limits your upload speed really low -- less than 20 KiloBYTES/sec by the sound of it.

My ISP limits me to about 42 KiloBYTES/sec upload speed.

With everyone stuck around those 15-42 speeds, average download speed is roughly the same...unless people only download 1 torrent at a time and go MANY hours without adding another torrent for every hour they are downloading.

However, your best bet is to only try running 1 or 2 torrents at once. Preferably 1 "slow" torrent with almost no seeds and few peers and 1 "fast" torrent with lots of seeds+peers. With that, upload slots should be only 3 (for 2 torrents) or 4 (for 1 torrent at a time). You shouldn't need more than 25 total peers+seeds connections to reach 50 KiloBYTES/sec download speed if there's no other issues.

HOWEVER, your ISP is most likely throttling/blocking/crippling uTorrent if OpenOffice test torrent doesn't download near your connection's max download speed.

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