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utorrent 1.7.7 Speed problem


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I updated 1.7.6 to 1.7.7 yesterday, and my speed drastically dropped to 15 kB/s, initially with 1.7.6 i was able to download at an average rate of atleast 190 kB/s, i am having a 2 Mbps line, i am using Kaspersky Internet security 7.0, i have configured the ports, there is a green tick icon when i start utorrent, so port forwarding is not the issue i have my net.max.half_open set at 80, and i have tweaked my windows setting accordingly. If anyone has a solution to this problem pleasse do reply i searched the forum already but didn't come across any solution, if this cannot be explained can anyone atleast suggest me a link where i can get utorrent 1.7.6

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