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invalid udp destination port


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Im running XP and i just updated to 1.77 and now everytime i get an error from nav 2008 that there was a block on a recent intrusion attemp and this happens everytime i start utorrent 1.77.I have been using utorrent since version 1.6 and this never happened to me before and i have all my ports set up correctly.This version is buggy and the 1.76 was much better because i didnt get no udp alerts..Please is there a fix or will you be coming out with an upgrade to fix this ?

here is what i mean - http://img147.imageshack.us/img147/5264/01312008070712hx3.jpg


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You are right is mostly has something to do with norton but how come this didnt happen with any other version of utorrent..What was changed that is making norton be so paranoid and is there a way for me to stop norton from this alert coming everytime i open utorrent ?

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Ok i went to where it says internet worm protection under general rules and under signature exclusions i unchecked invalid udp destination port and now im not getting that error anymore...By unchecking invalid udp destination port im risking my computer security from an attack ?

here is where i unchecked - http://img254.imageshack.us/img254/1060/01312008074504rw5.jpg

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No. I'm guessing with you having DHT and / or Local Peer Discovery enabled it is the cause of the invalid port messages. Is the "Exclusions" entry on the left side of the norton menu for downloading folders? or exe's too?? You really should add ALL actions / traffic for utorrent.exe to the exceptions list, or make Norton NOT scan it's traffic.

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This is an error/bug I see it also.

Udp port 0 is an illegal port number.

I have dozens of these messages in my log.

To be precise: I have a port forward either hard coded in router or auto via upnp.

Call it 25000.

utorrent uses that port as outgoing to send to a remote to their UDP port 0.

I'm positive it's uTorrent as I've double checked that the client was a peer I was sharing or leaching from.

It's in frequent some days and frequent others.

2x times today in 19hrs since midnight and 40 times yesterday.

See from wikipedia


Ports 0 to 1023

Only those ports that are commonly used are listed, refer to the IANA site for the full list.

Port Description status

0/TCP,UDP Reserved; do not use (but is a permissible source port value if the sending process does not expect messages in response) Official

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