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Errors, Errors and More... Errors


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i had been downloading eight files for a few days, however my internet connection was cut off for three days and during that time, i ALSO had to uninstall and re-install norton. now i got my internet connection back all my downloads have stopped with just 'Error:' message on each. when i try to force a restart, i get the message that they have 'stopped.'

strangely enough, the only one that has not had the error message and still has the 'downloading' message is a file that hadn't actually started downloading yet. mind, it still isn't downloading.

in addition, everything in my completed folder is showing 'stopped.'

thanks in advance for your help, but please bear in mind i am a complete muppet at this, so detailed 'fixing' advice would be admired.


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Hmm. Well jut an "ERROR:" status message isn't too helpful. If you forced a restart it would / should have proceeded through the "Checking" phase. Did it not change to "Downloading"? Stopped means you need to press Start. If you try running too many concurrently it will say "Queued" based upon your Ctrl-P -> Queueing settings.

Have you checked out the µManual Ultima maintains? It includes usage for most of the UI in uT and answers some questios too. Did you have other questions, or does this help in any way?

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