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1.8 beta build(7928)


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In preferences/queueing I have set:

Seed while:

Ratio is: <= 200% or seeding time is <= 72hours

But the torrents never stop seeding. I have torrents at raios from 5.0 to 20+.0 and that have been seeding for longer than 3 days.

Other than that, Great work !!!

Thanx. FuhQ2

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Grabbed the newest build. Ty :)

Yes i know queing is AND opp.

You will notice when torrents are no LONGER in the queue when the * in the # column goes away.

I noticed.

Does this mean that the "status" no longer changes to a "finished" state but remains as "seeding" once a ratio of 2.0 and time of 72hrs has been met ?

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