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Found Trojan


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Don't worry... Even a Kaspersky Internet Security 6 reporting utorrent as a trojan. Well, that's basicly because utorrent actually acts like a trojan, but without malware efect... Don't worry. It copy's itself into startup and geniuosly, it's executive file and installer itself and that is what making the problem. Trying to register copy of itself into the startup actually triggering the trojan behaviour in the antivirus software. Just put utorrent in trusted zone or ignore on first run...

But to avoid missuse of that trust,

download ONLY FROM


if you get that kind of warning with your antivirus software, just to be for shure.

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McAfee is the original anti-virus.

Yepp. The dos based version which was able to find signatures only was the best 15 years ago. I know since I used it that time. But the time goes... Not a single piece of the nowdays version are the same as that old one. McAfee has been technologically overtaken around '94-'95 and they still far back behind eset, kaspersky, fsecure and so on...

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