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the dr. is in and is bummed.


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hello this is dr. mengle,

last weekend some jerk decided to somehow get into my network and mess with settings on all 4 pc's . first I discovered it was just out look express and then I discovered my browsers were tampered with which led me to discovering my router had been totally messed up.

needless to say the dr. had to IMMEDIANATLY dispense himself a script for 10 mg. valiums. until the rage went away. I have no idea how the culprit got in but I was runing nortons firewall, windows firewall and spysweeepers new firewall system.

but enough whining it happens I supposed. just like when Im a little blurrry from a hangover in the O.R. and accidently slice someones abdomen open OOPS!

My uttorent hasnt worked a bit since I spent 5 days undoing what was done. I cant find an open port . ( I redid my whole router and even gave it a firmware upgrade ) reset all the ports and confgs it keeps telling me it cant follow that path or that the path Ive chosen is invalid

can anyone offer an tips. ?? Im about to pull the plug on the patient. Alex you seem to be the resident genius got anything ( nice) to say. drmengle

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I wish I had an old version like 1.61 or something . I fixed out look express and I fixed my browser setttings , I reconfigured the whle linksys router with their chat depts help. up dated the firmare and re entered not all but enough for my 2 newest machines ( both xp ) checked the firewalls and redid the firewalls. this person must have spent quite alot of time doing this unless it was a virus. this machine is running at 192.3 kbs on a yellow signal??? but ther machine has the exact same settings and its keeps saying , invalid path does not exist. I think Im going to do a clean install on that one I spent 6 hours on it last night. Ill start from scratch. i DONT HAVE TIME TO SEND YOU THE SETTINGS MY KID WANTS DINNER BUT WILL TRY TO oops sorry send them as a attachment tonightor early tommorrow.

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