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How to start Maximised


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Being an old wrinkley I have been driven up the wall by Utorrent starting minimised. I start it up and wait eons for the main page to show until I remember that it is minimised and then I click the icon in the tray. One completely unnecessary step and some delay in activating.

I note that there is a method of starting the program minimised (add /MINIMIZED to the command line) but a search of properties and the registry does not show such an addition on my shortcut or registry.

I have tried adding /MAXIMIZED which is not recognised.

I would assume that starting maximized is the default given the above option of being able to minimise it on the command line. Perhaps some earlier installation may have set this - as I have been using various versions of Utorrent over some years

I have searched extensively to find a way out without success.

Can anyone help me to start Utorrent maximised as my whole intention of starting it is to load a fresh torrent


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That is the trouble I cannot get a shortcut to open it maximised

When I close the main page (by clicking the X at the upper right hand side) it defaults to the tray and I then shut down the program from there.

Next time it starts it starts minimised

Perhaps I should unclick the close to tray option and the minimise to tray one.

Should I do both and just use the top right hand buttons to minimise and close the program?

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