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Not seeing peers...


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i looked around the forum to see if i could see someone having the same pb but didn't see or didn't understand properly(my english is approximate :( )

sorry then if it is already on the forum...

when i'm seeding a file, i can see (for example) 1 seed, 2 peers, when i check my file on the tracker i'm uploading on, i can see that they are 2 peers with Shadow 5.8.11 and leecher unknown as clients, and of course they don't appear in my µtorrent, so i can't seed to them.

what's wrong here? i don't understand... :( maybe somebody can help me explaining why it's doing this?

Thanks for reading!


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no, no router, the nat is ok, and it has always been doing this since the 1st version i tried...1.16 i think, not sure about the version....

and yes i am sure of that, it's doing it at this very moment! (if i wasn't sure i would have never dared asking here... :rolleyes: too shy...):)

cheers for help!

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I guess I should have asked this first: Do you have an error message in Tracker Status (General tab)? If you do, try changing the port to something above 12000 if you it isn't there already

If you have a nice "working" line in Tracker Status, try this:


Load a torrent in µTorrent and copy the Hash ID into the ID-field and enter your port in the port-field and hit "Run test now!"

If that succeeds and the tracker is working, I'm clueless :/

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I just tried on a well working file where i'm a seeder, uploading at 60kos, ran the check the adress you gave me and that's what is saying the test:

"Attempting connect to: xx.xxx.xxx.xx port 40019


Unable to connect. This likely means you need to adjust your port forwarding configuration, or there is no client running on that port"

well there is µtorrent running on that port..., port forwarding...yes but i don't have any firewall, nor router, so how can i forward the ports????

i am lost... :(

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Many apartment complexes and small communities use their own router to split a fast broadband connection...and you can't configure their router, so you're firewalled no matter what you can do. I guess an ip checker could tell you if you have a LAN ip on your computer.

Many broadband ISPs now are providing DSL/Cable modems that ALSO contain light routers in them. This protects the unknowing from internet worms and viruses that can auto-infect an exposed Windows box. (Linux and Mac OSes are virtually immune to this.) You'll have to read up on your EXACT brand and model of modem to find out if it contains a router.

Some viruses/trojans/spyware re-route internet traffic THROUGH themselves, in order to modify what you get or send out. This is by its very nature a firewall, as they don't route everything properly. Latest versions of Spybot Seek and Destroy + Ad Aware should manage to knock out over 99% of the spyware/adware. And it's your choice to get a good AV program.

...I don't know what else to suggest.

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