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Version 1.3 "Error: Files missing from job. Please recheck" error


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I just installed the new version, and 2 of my larger torrents aren't starting. I should also mention that I haven't "skipped" any files from these torrents. In fact, I haven't touched them for a few days. I just upgraded to version 1.3 a few minutes ago.

Norton Internet Worm Protection also has an exclusion for uTorrent, but keeps slamming w/ alerts.

Any ideas?

Great program though, been using since 1.1!


// Dave

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Turn off the Worm Protection. It's broken. (like every Norton product)

Is compact allocation on? Turn it off, it's bugged. Stop the torrents, right click -> Force re-check. Might mean you moved/deleted one of the files accidentally. The check will fix it.

Also, if they were Unicode torrents, you can't re-use them in 1.3, because the old torrent has non-unicode filenames, while the new µTorrent is looking for Unicode filenames.

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