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Cannot upload or download after with any ver after upgrading to 1.3


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I really like utorrent and would like to keep using it. I have been using utorrent for about 3 weeks. I started using version 1.2.1. After I switched to version 1.3, utorrent quit working. It displays the "No - entry" icon and claims that all of the trackers are offline. This happens with every download, it's not just one torrent. Furthermore, other torrent clients readily see the trackers. I am positive it has nothing to do with a firewall (I turned it off....after I forwarded the ports). I am fairly certain it has nothing to do with NAT. I have also tried downgrading to versions 1.2.3, and the version I originally used, 1.2.1. I cleaned out all of the settings in %AppData%\utorrent. I really like this client. The others are clunky. Any help would be appreciated.

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