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I know that many of you probably don't want a built in tracker because of it adding a good amount of kb's and such, but i was wondering if the dev's could possibly make a "uTracker" or something side project, just for a low memory and low resource use private tracker? I don't want to suggest taking much time at all from uTorrent but maybe if there's extra time you could possibly make a private tracker prog?

Reason i ask is i sometimes use bitcomet tracker when seeding some files to a few friends. I see .torrent being the best fit here since sometimes there can be up to 10 people at a time downloading from me. And i would just love it if i could get rid of any program that deals with torrents besides uTorrent since i've fallin in love with this program ;p


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I guess my next question would be, Is there any chance of small interface being added. Just enough so that maybe if my friends type in my ip:port they can see the list of torrents im seeding? even if its just text thats fine, just enough so they know whats there and can click the torrent.

Or is this possible to make on my own? would love to learn how if someone could give me a link or somethin.

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You can check what torrents you have active at least. But you need PHP and a webserver. This would be a sample syntax:

echo substr(strrchr($stats[1][$i],"\\"),1)."<br />";

Not that it's useful, but it's possible :)

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