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Removal of Torrent once it finishes downloading.


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Title says it.

Or furthermore, removal (or stopping) once it reaches 1:1

Reasoning: I seed for the sites I want to seed for. But sometimes I want to download a file, then not have all my BW going to it. (yes I could limit its upload, but it still gives it some)

Or if this can currently be done with the Prioritizing of torrents, please explain it a little better. If it's in the FAQ, I'll cry.

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If you want torrents to stop when they reached a certain ratio, do this -

In the Priority settings page, set the percentage to whatever you want (100% here, stands for 1:1 ratio), and set the number of seeds to 0. I left the other two time related settings on ignore. now, check the lower option and set it to 0 aswell, that will make the torrents stop when the condition is met.

That would result in each torrent downloading, seeding till 1:1 and then stopping.

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(or stopping) once it reaches 1:1

Check this topic

The "ANY" setting wasn't working for me so I had to use the "ALL" setting suggested by Another Guest.

Well I figured out a way to work around this problem, at least for my purposes. I put down:

Prioritize any torrents with all of the following features:

share ratio below: 100%

numbers of seeds is less than: 9999

For non-prioritized torrents:

limit the upload rate to [use 0 to stop torrent]: 0

Since almost all torrents are going to have less than 9999 seeds, that condition is pretty much always be met. Then it takes a look at the share ratio. Once the ratio hits 1:1, all of the conditions will be met and the torrent will be considered a non-prioritized torrent, so it will stop.

This doesn't help torrents that you want to keep going because there are too few seeds, but that doesn't happen all the time. And you can always force start that if you want.

It'd be nice to the the any option to work for a bit more flexibility, but I'm satisfied with it for now. It's still a great client.

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