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What does SEEDING [F] mean?


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I saw a message that said SEEDING [F] and don't know what it means. I tried a search but could not find the [F] thing. Could someone explain?


BTW, it would be really, really cool to have a separate PDF file or something that worked as a detailed product manual so we would not have to ask so many questions. :)


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Thanks for the feedback guys. Much appreciated.

I'm finding that for really popular torrents with lots of seeders (like TV shows) I seed for about 4 hours to be helpful. That in addition to it uploading the entire time I'm downloading.

With torrents that don't have very many seeders, like old time radio shows, I usually seed for 12 to 24 hours, sometimes longer depending, to help others get the entire download so they can seed if they have more upload speed. I only have 384k upload on my ADSL so am not as well equipped for lots of uploading / seeding by comparison.

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