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Help: Downloading & Opening .torrents


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Sorry for the vague title but I couldn't think of anything better.

Since forever, when I clicked on a torrent link, a window opened up asking me if I want to 'open with' (utorrent) or 'save file' to disk. I don't see that window when I click a torrent link anymore, how do I get it back? Now they all automatically download to my desktop, like all the other files I download from websites. I have no idea why firefox always distinguished between torrent files and other files, but it sure was nice.

I'm pretty sure the only thing I changed is that I had to pick the 'save as' option once yesterday. It was the first time I upped a torrent in a while. I know I didn't change any options anywhere (definitely not utorrent), although I have no idea if there was an 'always do this' field or whether it was checked or not.

Any help is appreciated.

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