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1.7.7 Possible problem with trackers


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Earlier i was on a private torrent site and was downloading a file, obviously there was only 1 tracker in the list and because there was only one seeder i decided to add some more trackers to speed things up a little. As all i got was a ton of leechers i then removed the trackers so i was left with the original private one.

After a couple of minutes i noticed 2 leechers connected to me but they did not show up in the forum statistics (i know what im doing, i waited, updated tracker and tested out me leaving and rejoining to check if statistic updated which they did.). After closing down uTorrent and starting it back up to find they still rejoined i then asked an admin to check it out incase of leaked passkey and the IP's didnt connect to him so i then rebooted router (for brand new IP) and computer and rejoined on the torrent.

Thing was after that they never rejoined so it seemes like theres a problem with the way utorrent handles the trackers. Once a tracker was removed IP's couldnt use to rejoin your IP, they would be blocked - now it doesnt seem to be like that at all.

(Oops please could mod move to bugs, well if its.. confirmed)

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Actually right click, advanced clear peer list makes it so they have to be in the returned tracker list.

Anyone who has the hash, and your connection information can initiate connections to you. Handshakes don't care about that. If you don't want them connecting to you after you MAKE your information available use http://utorrent.com/faq.php#What_is_ipfilter.dat.3F until your information times out from peers' cache.

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Until they make a program like PG2 that works well with Vista im staying off public as much as i can - even with 1.7.7 my internet still gets taken out, luckily a reboot of router gives me a brand new IP and im back online but when you fall asleep and wake up to find out you only got an extra 2% its really annoying.

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Additional Info - Both DHT unticked aswell as limit local bandwidth

Encryption: Forced and Allowed incoming

I did set my connections to

Global: 5000

Max Per Torrent: 2500

Max Upload Slots: 2

Max Upload rate whilst downloading: 10

Alternate whilst not: Unlimited

All advanced settings etc default.

BT Router should be fine, only gets knocked out on public downloads sometimes (on some pub torrents i do wake up with it still running so it definately seems like anti-p2p).

Comp specs:

2.6Ghz Dual Core

1gb 1066FSB OCZ Reaper

2x250gb 16mb cache sata 2 hard drives @ Stripe array

MSI 8800 GTX

Vista Basic 64 with all drivers from manufacturer websites

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I'll jump on a couple of pubs tonight and report back.

Update: Woke up to find again no internet, last night chose 10 meg settings although have 8 meg connection though i doubt that would be the problem.

Ah well im use to it, wasnt exactly the reason i joined the forums, just thought i was giving you a heads up on the trackers.

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