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Slow speed and port forwarding problems.


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I use a Linksys WRT54gs V.6 router.

My firmware is the latest on the Linksys site 1.52.2

I have already done port forwarding and static IP with my router.

I have disabled firewalls and added this program to Windows firewall.

But I get a yellow triangle and it says that I have no incoming connections.

If i really have no incoming connections how do I download and upload?

I get uploads and downloads just at very slow speeds.

Please help me increase my speed and solve this port forwarding problem.

Please help.

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Additionally you can see if the forwarding "took" by using OpenOffice. If the openoffice peers are able to make incoming connections to you ("I" flag in Peers tab, and networking status icon will turn green) then it did forward. If not, can you check through my post for alternate places you may not have thought of which need to be forwarded and report back steps you took and changes you were / weren't able to make?

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I never get the "I" and my icon has never turned green.

I am going through you list at "My Post"

I am looking at the NAT settings for my modem

The NAT setting are PVCO the NAT status is Activated

and number of IPs is set to single.

My Bridge interface is set to Deactivated should it be active?

Is this ok?

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