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Smart Queueing - Making Full Use of Connection


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First of all, hello everyone!

Second: If this is mentioned before, I am sorry to repeat it, I used the search function and couldn't find a similar topic, though I don't have godlike search powers.

Well, here is the problem:

I always have some torrents running (downloading) that don't have a lot of seeders ('special interest torrents') and as a result are very slow. Yet when I am very interested in such a torrent I of course place it on top of the queue.

The thing is, my internet connection isn't very dandy, so I have max downloads set to 1.

Now, to make full use of my connection, I set the slow torrent to 'forced start', so the queue fires up another torrent which can take the rest of the connection.

This often works, but sometimes the second torrent is just as slow.

You can clearly see the pattern here.

What I want is some smart downloading algorithm which always activates enough torrents to max out my internet speed or my imposed download limit.

How could something like this be implemented?

For starters, a variable called 'target speed' can be used, being set by the user. Otherwise, a clever and difficult algorithm has to be created just to test all torrents and guess the user's download speed. If a bandwith limit is imposed, target speed obviously equals bandwith limit.

Start the first torrent, let it run for a while (I saw a suggestion of 45 minutes in another thread) and measure it's speed. If it's averaging like 10% or less below the target speed, do nothing. If it's more than 10% below the target speed, activate the second torrent and prioritize in such a way that the second torrent gets the remaining % of the target speed. Proceed with third, fourth, etc.. torrent if necessary.

The same principles can be used for upload speeds.

What do you guys think?

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Interesting idea ;) Perhaps something like this or other rules like this can be implemented with the proposed change to the Scheduler for 1.9 :D

If you've got a penchant to see current in-development uT, the 1.8 line can be found in the Announcements forum and it's recommended to run it self-encapsulated so it doesn't muck with existing settings.

Edit: ACTUALLY, if queue.dont_count_slow_dl/ul was able to be configured > 1 KiBps, that would do just fine :P

In that case it would have been previously requested, heh.. but I think it would certainly work.

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Quite nicely. It's more-or-less done, but uh, I'm constantly tweaking random little things here and there. The FAQ is completely integrated now, and it's easier to link directly to specific items in the manual now (looks nicer under non-IE browsers that support the :target CSS selector too).

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