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Windows are open when I am not in the computer


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This problem has been around since I installed version 1.5 in my computer. Version 1.6 had the same problem and now the version 1.7.7 has the same problem.

I open uTorrent and I start using it. Then I open another program (ie a game or a document) and uTorrent continues its work. When I am at the computer, mostly during daytime, the problem does not appear. Even if I leave the computer for a long period of time (ie 1 or 2 hours) I get no problem

At night, I leave the computer on with the uTorrent client working (from 8pm until 8am). In the next morning I check the computer and I find several windows open (ie volume control, the search window function, the computer icon, etc) like if someone used it. Only windows folders are opened not programs. Programs like a text processor, a sheet calculus, a game, a movie, my email client, etc are not opened. Only windows folders.

I am using WinXP professional version with ZoneAlarm and the Avast antivirus. I have reviewed my computer and no archive has been deleted or modified. I have also searched for malware, troyan horses or spybots and they are not there.

Any idea?

Thank you for your support.

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Yeap. Every process is legitimate.

This thing only happens with uTorrent working alone at night. I have left my computer on without the uTorrent client on and this issue does not happen.

No one, in a physically manner is doing this because my computer is in my office. I work alone and nobody has access to my office and it has an alarm system.

Maybe, someone in a remote manner could do it but like I said before: there is no malware, spyware, trojan horse or virus detected by the Avast, Seek&Destroy, Spyware Blaster softwares. They are up to date.

Also, my ZoneAlarm pro configuration asks me about the rule to be applied. It detects the outbound traffic or the inbound traffic and asks me for program permission.

I will post the logfile.

Thank you.

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