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Creating templates for current version: HOWTO...


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Not so hard at all. µTorrent does it for you.

Just do this:

1. Create a new empty TXT file with tha name <exename>.lang.txt where <exename> is the name of your µTorrent executable.

Example: for file "utorrent-1.2.3-beta-unicode-build-358.exe" create file "utorrent-1.2.3-beta-unicode-build-358.exe.lang.txt"

2. Execute the µTorrent executable. An error message that there are errors loading language file will apear. Click Ok.

3. Open the newlicreated file "utorrent-1.2.3-beta-unicode-build-358.exe.log" and voila :) It contains all translatable strings in this particular .EXE

Doing this but with old translations will give you the list of strings that need to be translated.

Happy translation :)

And if somebody knows some tool like poEdit for editing such lang files please post it here pls :)

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