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seed while <unless>


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I want to seed while time is <= 16 hours... to keep number of torrents seeding limited and so I can remove the old files more easily

but the private tracker doesn't want me to overseed so I'd like to be able to have it stop the torrent if I reach a certain % like 2000% or 20x...

the only option at present is to override the hour requirment to cause it to seed until it reaches atleast 20x...

I guess this feature isn't obvious because it would only be useful on some private trackers... it is also good for uploaders who want to seed their releases atleast a certain length of time but at the same time don't want to use more than say 15x bandwidth on each release


also comon put in a make torrent feature in the web ui so I can ditch torrenflux

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Given the recent exclusion of pathing remote (remote transversal "exploit" present in 1.7.6 and below)... implementing a torrent creation engine in the webui is... difficult considering the create torrent ui is linked to the GUI.

Double requests are generally frowned upon especially when they are unrealted to eachother.

As far as the Queue rules... It's an AND operation. If you want it to go by % set it to that and ignore time. If you want it to to by Time and % set both to the minimum values you need for the tracker.

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I think I made it clear that neither or those options is what I want...

It's simpler to explain for uploaders than my special case so I"ll use that as example...

Upload some 10gb torrent... you want to see atleast 36 hours so it's well seeded and/or people have time to grab it but you don't want to use more than 200gb bandwidth on it cause you only get 1500/month... so you set to seed while time <= 36 except if ratio >= 2000%

okay seed while time is less than 36... that effect is simple

then currently your only other 2 options are,

seed while <= 0% ie ignore this field and just seed until 36 hours pass

or seed while <=2000% this only causes the seeding to be allowed o go past 36 hours if less than 20x seeded...

Another example of this coming in handy is someone who uses a seedbox to seed every torrent on tracker but doesn't want to overseed any particular torrent (my case)... neither option is useful

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Another except option I would enjoy would be the number of seeds....

Also another feature again could be different times seeding depending on filesize... if it had this it wouldn't really need the other except fields...

so you could put seed atleast 3 hours for every gb the torrent is... so your tv shows would seed 3 hours and stop and your dvdrs would seed 13.5 hours and stop

that effect is simular to the ratio except limit though

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queue.use_seed_peer_ratio: When this option is enabled, µTorrent will determine the seeding queue order based on the ratio of the number of seeds to the number of peers connected in the swarm. The lower the seed:peer ratio is for a torrent job, the higher priority it will be given in the seeding queue. If a torrent job has 0 peers and queue.dont_count_slow_ul is disabled, it will be given the lowest priority. Otherwise, if the aforementioned option is enabled, the torrent job is treated as if there is 1 peer in the swarm.
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