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all ports closed, on vista.


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ok all my utorrent system preference is set to defualt

the red icon is on

I have a router gateway 2700hg-b

isp: swbellhstx aka at&t

down: 3008 kbps

up: 700 kbps

o/s: windows vista home premium


nforce 400 sli moboard

amd 64 x2 3800+

2 gig of ram

geforce 8500 gt

drivers: nvidia network controller


windows firewalls closed, i have put my router firewall to dmz plus mode= all ports open

it works on my xp machine but not the vista based

i have done the command prompt thing netsh int tcp autotuning: enable

but on utorrent and azeurus it says all ports are closed, I did port checker on utorrent says not accepting connection, i even randomized the port

Im thinking when i did the registry hacks i did something

I was lookin for the program that does the registry hack for you,

because i didnt know what i did, but i put the value to 99999999999

I did this because i was running at 200 kb- 300 kb in xp and around

50 kb- 180 kb in vista and wanted faster downloads.. so i fuxed up

that is probably the problem

please help me download torrents thanks...

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I don't know what registry hack you're talking about sorry :/ Could it be TCPIP.sys Buffer Space Error ??

As far as ... it not being open, I cannot tell you anything specific, but since it works for XP I'm thinking it's your software so you can skip the hardware talk in my post... :/ Other than that, You should provide a HiJackThis log as described in the How-To, so I and others can see what ELSE you may be running which is interfering.

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ok i applied the event id patcher still doesnt work.

disable auto tunning

windows firewall is completely shut off

avast! anti virus is completely shut off

windows defender is shut off

still utorrent port checker says error on port xxxxx. Any random port i assign.

shareaza seems to be working fine i get speeds around 500kbps- to sometimes more than 1.3mbps

regular downloads from ftp based servers go over 300kbps+

I have no problems playing online based pc games (cod, americas army, crysis, ut3 etc..)

I have absolutly no slower browsing speeds as my router firewall is set to dmz mode (allow all outgoing and incoming)

only issues im having is with utorrent and azeurus.

even if i start a torrent on shareaza it doesnt even do nothing any ideas?

I can only use the search function in shareaza and downloads file of the p2p.


ok i downloaded bit torrent client, the speed seems to be goin less than 10 kbps but upload speed is NULL.

and it has the orange icon that says no incoming connection.

when i check the port it goes to utorrent's page and says no incoming connections


edit: the icon turned green! the port seems to be open but upload speed is still null ANY IDEAS?

down speed is less than 10 kbps

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port issue is fixed. but now im having speed issues in bittorrent. seeds 40-60(707)- peers 200-210(2787)

up speed- capped @ 35 kb-45 kb

dl speed is the issue. Mostly hangin out in the 40kbps to 50 kbps, but jumpin from anywhere from 31 kbps- 195 kbps. 9/11 trackers are working

it says dht status not allowed

the availability bar is baby blue with slight white in between.

my connection speed is clocked @: 3008 kbps down

512 kbps for up

give me a reasonable global maximum connections and all that junk.

coz i have em all set to 5000, and i have everything on unlimited.

on connection:

enable nat pmp port mapping is unchecked

enable upnp is unchecked.

along with add to windows firewall

checking those do NOT SEEM to put the speed on a fair average speed.

in my xp based machine i use to get 90kbps average and it would stick around more than 100kbps+ sometimes maximum could get was 300 kbps.

On Bittorrent I have everything checked except limit local peer bandwidth.

ip hostname to report tracker: blank

number of connections all values to: 5000

protocol encryption disabled: forcing it seems to make the speeds cap @ slower rates.

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