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Speed Problems


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I've had speed problems lately; as I've gotten a new laptop; and just installed uTorrent recently; following all the instructions to optimize my download speeds.

As for the required information

# Green status light.

# Port is forwarded correctly

# Connection type set to xx/384k

# net.max_halfopen set to 40

# Windows XP installed

# No firewall

# Linksys WRT54GS V7

# ISP >> onelinkpr.net

# Speed test results always result:

Download speeds are from 2500 to 3000 kb. Average of 2884

Upload speeds are from 300 to 400 kb. Average of 361

Hope I can find a way of fixing this.

The reason I know that I'm not getting optimal download speeds is because as soon as I changed the uTorrent settings; I got download speeds of 150 kb/s. But then about 5 minutes later it went back to the usual 15-35 and has stayed that way ever since

EDIT: It has just been brought to my attention that One Link [my ISP] was previously called Adelphia

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What should I put it at?

Speaking of which; I used the TCPIP.sys patch to increase the halfopen connections in Windows.

And also; I couldn't help but notice my ISP on the throttle list. It says it has a 2+ encryption level. Not sure what that means; but help is appreciated.

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