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rechecking skipping unfinishing 99.9'ing?


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I have a question/problem similar to the 99x% topic of Invy's

First letme give a completely random example:

say I'm downloading something like a "set-torrent" (these are usually in the gb's in places...and be nearly anything so to speak and also I am using the latest,1.7.7 version of µtorrent in this case)

the torrent can be something like "The History of MS Windows" and this torrent contains stuff like say "Windows 95.txt 2MB,Windows 98.txt 3.5MB,Windows 3.1.doc 31MB,Windows XP.pdf 64MB etc." I'll use these four files in my example

Now say I download it to (which the torrent defaults as something like C:\Download\The History of MS Windows\) a folder..and using utorrent(one of the features I happen to like about it :cool:) I only download 1(or rather my pick) of the files I want,let's say Windows 98.txt,it downloads,and completes,and utorrent says 100% since I'm seeding the only file I have in the group,I usually recheck the files afterwards just incase to make sure I've got "all of that 1 or whichever files I wanted" so to speak

1. I have noticed (not just with utorrent but other apps) that even through I only downloaded one of the "group" of files,utorrent might say something like "Windows XP.pdf 0.01% 6.4kb" why is this since all the other files were set to skip? Does this have anything to do with the .dat file utorrent creates,caching?,or the bt-protocol itself?

I then at a later time for whatever reason decide to move the folder/files to another location,but then say a month later decide to reseed the single of the group of files and move it back to where it was (I have a spare HDD for stuff but you should get a good idea what I mean)

2. I recheck the files and it says eveything is fine but for some odd reason Windows 98.txt is at 99% and 3.4MB even through I know for a fact it completed and was fine and is the same file I got and it did not corrupt or anything...why Does this happen? and again does it have anything to do with utorrent/bt or the protocol itself again? caching? utorrent using different resume or other app-data .dats? or maybe before rechecking the file when moving it back I should've reset the dl location(which might even be the problem)?

Now let's say all those "History of MS Windows" were the same filetype (let's say .txt's)

and again #2 seems to happen...and as you would guess I redownload the files missed (e.g. that last 1% of Win 98.txt)

I'm not sure if these questions are related and if it's just a bug/glitch in utorrent/the bt protocol andor bt itself/the iffyness of hashing etc.

But I'm curious and sorry if these questions have been asked(if not similarly) in many other posts but I throught I'd post my comment(s) in this new thread

Another good example is I went to move a file and forgot to double check/change the properties for a selected torrent (Files A-F even through I only had FileB and FileC) FileB had been moved to a new location and I still had FileC in the folder...utorrent said error,I forced a recheck,during recheck selected "skip" on FileB,forgot to rebrowse to download dir before rechecking...and ended up redownloading I think 2mb of a 200mb FileB,so to speak...

anyway It just seems really similar to Invy's post and I hope someone could give me some feedback on it. (and yes I know this is a long first,well more of 2nd post for me :rolleyes: )

Thanks to anyone in advance who replies with futher knowledage or help...and hope this helps improve future versions of utorrent even! (who knows maybe 1.8 or 2.0 really will be the "µltimate"?) =D

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Incomplete files when not using the whole torrent (which was previously downloaded) is due to the absence of the partfile. Partfiles store the remaining data in the pieces which do not belong to the files downloaded. Since you finished it there is no partfile. In your example, why don't you tell uT where the new path is instead of moving/copying it again?? When stopped, right click, advanced, set download location...

Current in-development 1.8 can be found in the Announcements forum.

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Ok,I just tried what you said (infact of 4 "torrents" one is still in the process of being checked/double-checked after 100%)

both a single file torrent and 2 custom "sets" ones,and they wind(sp?) up at 99.0% (after a good 2+hours of "checking and rechecking due to a parameter/invaild data error after the first 50 or so mintues of the first check in which case a mintue into "Downloading" the remaining 1% it gave me "The Parameter/Data is Incorrect/Invaild"

anywho I've reset the download location(which is on a spare external HDD) checked,rechecked,and triplechecked (or will triple/quadtruple check if it ever finishes checking and downloading)...the ut123abcetc.dat files are(or at least should be now) included with them.

Again Cheers towards future ultimate (1.8/a 2.0 final) developments someday (i.e. hopfully these little bugs/glitches/problems I'm having will be gone)

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