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BT HomeHub Password Problems


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I recently added a problem I couldn't resolve where my HomeHub router would not let me access the configuration utility to forward a port, it would not accept the admin password.

I've now resolved it and thought I'd leave a topic up here in case anyone else had come up against it.

You need to reset the Hub to Factory default by depressing the grey wireless button at the back of the router for a minimum of 15 seconds.

You will then have to wait for it to reset and do all its usual stuff until all the lights are back on the router, you may have to reregister the hubphone (i didn't have to).

You can then access the hub manager in the normal way from the start menu etc and when the router screen displays it will then ask you to put your own password in and that will automatically act as the admin password also.

Hope this helps someone else out there.




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