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File location problem. Please Help!


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So I just got an external hard-drive because my computer's was completely full. I then took all of the downloaded files I had and sent them to the external hardrive. I should have realized that utorrent wouldn't be able to find the files, but I was too eager to get them off my computer.

The problem is that I now have a ton of torrents that utorrent can't find, and it is very important that I seed them. Is there any way to change the directory utorrent looks in so that the program can find and seed them?


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thank you.

of all my torrent utorrent now can only see 1 torrent al complete and starts downloading all other stuff, even tho they are complete.

wierd thing:

when I selected the new download-location for each of the torrents I got a popup in which to select the new location (looked like the bookmark-popup in firefox). but with the only file that utorrent recognizes as being complete it showed the default xp-file select popup.

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