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Upload Speed Question


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I will forwarn that I am rather new to .torrents - so if I seem a bit daft, it's just that I haven't absorbed enough knowledge quite yet >:-)

Unlike most of the other posts I've read, my question is about up-sending not downloading. I'm trying to "fine tune" my send-ability.

I read the FAQ, read the setup - even troubleshot some things here such as connection settings, global connects etc etc. I even speed tested and had the results of

down : 3623 up : 1421

I even followed the directions and played with the openoffice torrent :

That maxed at 323 kB/s and once there, never dropped below 300 kB/s (down)

Currently, as I'm posting this, the up-send is hovering around 0.4 kB/s with spikes every so often up to 22.3 kB/s (lasts less than a second before dropping back down to 0.2-0.5ish.

I have uploading set to 186 kB/s. U/L Slots : 8 Connections : 50 (global 50 as well)

Max Active Torrents : 9, Max Active download : 8

Seeds right now show 0(7) and Peers is showing 1 (5)

Is there anything I can do to speed up the Up-Send? I even have the alternate set to 0 (unlimited) when I'm not downloading. Or is 0.4 kB/s fine?


Oh I should probably add in here that I'm using uTorrent 1.7.7 on a WinXP machine.

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Hmm, definitely interesting. Yep those figures mean you should be able to upload ~ 150 KiBps pretty consistently. I'm thinking the initial seed setting on that torrent is explaining the not-constant sending behaviour? Also the fact it's a small swarm. Try downloading something from http://dattebayo.com/t/ that's pretty popular anime... newest is best.

Some critique on your current settings, 9 torrents with 8 slots is just fine :) BUT I would like to point out you won't get very far with 50 per-torrent AND 50 global connections. You can even put out there 500 global 50 per torrent, as long as your network hardware / ISP allows that without hiccuping.

A final note, are you receiving incoming connections? http://utorrent.com/faq.php#What_do_the_Network_Status_lights_mean.3F

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I had dropped the setting on the connection(s) because I wasn't honestly sure what it was for. I'm still not, but then, I'm still learning >:-) I have changed them to what you had suggested - so we'll see if anything blows up ;)

Yes, I am receiving incoming connections.

I think you were right, that the initial seed setting on that torrent may have been the culprit. It would upsend-burst to 22.3 kB/s then steadily fall off down to 0.4-0.2 then suddenly burst again to 17-19 kB/s and start the fall-off trend.

Currently though, my upload rate is floating around 155 kB/s on one torrent and ~50 kB/s on another, so, whatever it was, it seems to have been solved

(If only I understood more)


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