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Status symbol always yellow,yet have incoming and outgoing connections


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Thanks before hand:

I don't think my downloading and uploading is

being hampered when I use Utorrent.

But reading the help files, it says a yellow status symbol

means I am not receiving incoming connnections (I'm not sure

what that "incoming connections" mean). But I am able to

download files and I see uploading going on also. Currently

it says I have one file downloading at 200kb/sec and another

at 20kb/sec; 50kb/sec total on the same files uploading.

I have a yellow status symbol on

all the time while downloading. I have never had a green symbol in my

short experience with Utorrent. Does this mean

I should have faster download/upload speeds, since yellow

seems to imply some kind of impediment going on even though

I am able to download files. Are these downloading speeds slow

and I don't know it? I have been quite content with my recent

results and successes at downloading files. Yet, that yellow

symbol must mean something besides what I am understanding

from the help files.

Any information about his would be helpful. I would like to maximize

Utorrent's capacity.


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