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Vista crippling utorrent download speeds


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I recently bought a vg spec laptop with Vista pre-installed, use utorrent for all my downloading and was very happy with it, few issues such as port forwarding which i couldn't seem to get round but regardless of this the speeds were good, especially when number of seeds were v high and/or in the thousands obviously.

Problem with vista is that the download speeds are nowhere near comparable to that whilst using XP. Would point out that I'm a bit of a novice using this software but nevertheless did try to fix the problem by visiting various forums and following the advice, tweaking the preferences for example, amending upload/download speeds according to my own connection as per speedtest.net, even tried entering the IP address of my comp in the advanced options under net.bind_ip but to no avail. Any torrent I use regardless of number of seeds struggles to get past 20Kbps. Could someone advise me on whether this is a vista related issue and will a future version of utorrent correct it or is there something i can try to improve it myself.

if I can provide any further information which may make it easier to provide a solution i will.

Thanks very much



Fixed it, sweet! was doing something really stupid with the upload speeds and finally managed to get port forwarding to work although I had tried this before, makes all the difference. downloads shot up to like 60Kbps which is nae bad.

Cheers : )

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