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Separate UI from server


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I've got a home server and a couple of PCs on a network. I've successfully implemented uTorrent as a service on the server and can access it just fine through the WebUI, both at home and away, which is great. But what I would really like to be able to do is to install the uTorrent UI only on the PCs at home and have them all hook into the service running on the server.

Why, when the WebUI is available? Well, for one, because then I can search for a torrent and use the file association to open the uTorrent UI automatically. As far as I can see, with the WebUI, I have to save the torrent, then go into the WebUI and add the torrent (or save it in the auto-load directory and wait until it gets picked up). But with the real UI, you get the list of files to accept or not automatically.

I just feel the real UI is nicer than the WebUI and I would be surprised if it is a lot of work to separate the UI from the server and to allow the UI to be installed without the server but configure it to talk to a server on a LAN. Obviously, for a WAN, the WebUI is the correct way forward.

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Ok, im new to this forum. But not new to most common bittorrents... And not unfamiliar with software dev.

I got a few questions. Ive noticed that Admins on this site "blow off" ideas very quick. Is this a lack of people skill, lazyness or just ver very much to do.

For example. To the above question... Which is a very intresting one, something that a lot of people would use... For Linux this exists a server daemon and client GSTorrent i think the name is. But nothing for windows.

I get it, its time consuming. Then think outside of the box, if you are willing to have a software that is one of the best.

WHat COULD be done with 1 hours work (i´d do it in 30 minutes :P ) A little application named "UTORRENTWEBDL.EXE" When associated with a torrent file (param 1) it would automaticly upload it to the WEBUI. Getting user credentials and IP/port from a Ini file.

This way you would solve the hassle for the remote users, and still not spend much time. Webui users can just click in the browser on a torrent and the server running utorrent would start downloading it.

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"I don't see something like this happening." - Is the only reply the user got on his request.

Not - "There is already a thread reg this matter"

Not - "Search for this...etc.. And you can download with a click from each client"

Not - "We are working on getting this functionality"

No, the answer was simple. What you request will and can not not be done.

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As i said i am new in this forum... And if i see a topic being answered by an admin i take for granted it what he says is true and therefor i dont try to find an answer admin sais wont be availeble.

No i dont claim top be an amaizing coder... And it was sort of a joke :P <--- Means sticking out your tounge and is done to take away seriousness from the comment. But yes, it is done in 30 minutes, maybe less. It is such an easy solution.


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