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Migration to new partition.


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I had to move my torrents and download folders to a different partition on the same computer.

All files were migrated without any issues.

I went utorrent client and specified the new paths for, Incompleted downloads, Completed downloads, Store .torrent files, Automatically load .torrent files and Move .torrents files for finish jobs.

I rebooted my PC, load the utorrent folder but each file has a red arrow next to it and a description saying "Error Can't open .torrent file: D:\whatever_folder\whatever_file.torrent

The problem seems to be that utorrent is not have to find the .torrent file even though I have specified this.

The utorrent client is still pointing to the old partition, all my .torrents files and downloads have been move to folders on my G drive not drive D which has now been formatted.

How do I solve this problem?

I read the guide on migration but I'm none the wiser.


I could not find any thread that is relevant to this particle issue.

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After uninstalling and reinstalling utorrent; it was still pointing to the old directories.

Although I don't have a clue what I'm doing ;using Notepad I edited all the .dat files I found that referred to the old directories, now when utorrent loads; the windows is completely empty.

When I go into C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\Application Data\uTorrent; there are two extra settings .dat files "settings.dat.1.bad" and "settings.dat.old.1.bad"

Do .dat files lose some special info when they are edited with Notepad rather than a proper editor?

I will use Ultima Moderator as suggested and post a response after 1am GMT because I don't want to hog the bandwidth which is what always happens when I use any torrent client.

I only changed the drive letter and a folder path in the .dat files so this should be easy to sort out using Ultima Moderator.

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OH LAWD. Yeah if you'd had only touched ONE of the files with notepad it would be easier to see what happened :(

Do you remember saving as UNICODE format or ANSI or UTF-8 in notepad?

The problem is the resume I think includes binary data. the settings.dat definitely does, and you would have completely mangled it with notepad ;)

Well if the BFE can load the modified dat files sure it's easy. It would be just as easy to use a recent backup my tips on backups hehe.

Sure, take your time, but remember you don't need to run anything. this is all concentrating on getting your old stuff working again.. and if you run uT at the same time, well.. it isn't HELPING matters.

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Hmm, good thing I made a copy of the utorrent folder before I started poking around, I will delete my current C:\Documents and Settings\Poi\Application Data\uTorrent and replace it with the backup I copied.

I will do this later because I need to get rid of the frustration by playing some games.

If in the end, this does not work; can you recommend a torrent client that might allow me to resume my downloads with as little problems as possible.

I have used Bitcomet, Bitlord and Azureus previously but the last time I used Azureus, which was about 4 years ago; it ate up almost all of my system resources and prevented me from doing any substantial while it was downloading.

Luckily now I use a separate PC for downloading so system resources are not a big consideration but I do also use the same PC as a file server and do not a client that might conflict with my ftp server software. I'm saying this even though current my ftp server is unable to work because it cannot access the desired ports but this is something I will solve using a different forum.

Thanks for the quick response.

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backups!!! :D

Generally speaking uT resumes with as little problem as possible... it also is superiour to other clients I've tried. It's rock-solid and that's an old picture of my uT :P

If you hadn't touched anything all you'd have to do is stop the torrent, right click, advanced, set download location. With multiple torrents (hundreds for ex) the process is suggested to use BFE since it keeps user error or editor error from entering the picture.

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I have used BEncode Editor to edit the .dat, luckily I kept the same directory structure and only needed to change the drive letter.

One of my completed downloads has been checked successfully and started seeding but for what ever reason my wifi is not picking up the router. I can only assume that it's due to utorrent using too much resources, the CPU usage is at 100% while it's checking the content of each download.

Thank you very much for suggesting the Editor.

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I checked both the Primary and Secondary controllers any they are set to "DMA if available" this is true in both cases for "Device 0" and "Device 1"

Something unrelated happen and I had to reinstall XP, utorrent was able to check the download content mush faster and does not use 100% cpu.

It is also able to now carry on downloading/uploading while it checks downloaded content when I tell it to move to another download folder.

One thing that might have been casing the high cpu usage while checking was that I had Avast antivirus running I should have realised that the pro-active feature of this program might have been checking files when they were being moved.

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The current in "current transfer mode" was the keyword.

At any rate, it may likely have been a PIO issue at the time, and reinstalling Windows caused the drive controllers to be reinstalled (thus resetting the tranfer mode correctly to DMA). PIO causes high CPU usage because... well, it uses the CPU to control disk IO.

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